Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching
with Michèle Duke

What is healthy food?
Should you be eating more protein or more fats?
Are carbs your enemy?
Do you need to stop eating meat?
Is organic really better?
No wonder you're confused. There is so much conflicting information out there, most of it ill-informed, misleading or just downright wrong.
Who can you trust to help you sift the genuine facts from the nonsense?

I'm Michèle Duke, a qualified and experienced Nutrition Coach. 

I will help you discover truth, facts and a practical guide to healthy eating so you can make better choices for you and your family. 


Hi there. I’m Michèle, Nutritionist and Lifestyle Coach and your guide to a healthier, happier place. 

Let’s be honest, we’d all like to be a bit healthier.


But it’s tough. Whether it’s losing weight, cooking great meals for our kids, cutting down on the wine or just getting enough sleep, staying healthy is not easy. Especially if you are relying on willpower alone. I know how you feel - I've been there too.

WIllpower alone is not the answer.

I believed the diet industry when they told me to eat low fat or high protein, stop eating carbs, start eating superfoods and supplements. I believed the health experts when they said I could fast, exercise and meditate my way to a better life. 


I love to party but morning-after guilt spoiled all the fun. Fats were my enemy so food became a minefield. I set myself impossible goals and felt a failure when I gave up and had that extra glass of wine.


Maybe you, too believe it is your fault. Despite all your efforts you still believe you just need to try a bit harder, be a bit stronger, be a better person.  And you beat yourself up when you 'fail' yet again. Now we know that willpower is not the answer. 

It needs to be personal.

At last, science is helping us understand that there is no one solution for us all. We now know that personalised plans, tailored to the individual really do work. Your body, your lifestyle, your preferences, your goals, your motivation - everything about you is unique. That means you need a plan that works for YOU!

Meet Michèle

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

is my antidote to the influencers, the 'Goopers', the diets, the 'one-size-fits-all', the self-loathing, the 'tomorrow I'll be better' mindset. It's my fightback against the 'health-food' industry, and the big businesses which flourish by making us feel less than we are. 

And you've decided to make some changes too.
Working together we can set you on your journey to a healthier life. 


I really enjoyed working with Michèle. She always listened to me and encouraged me. She made me feel that I was doing well and that kept me going when things were tough. 

Patricia H. 

Michèle's coaching helped me change the way I thought about things. I wasn't ready to go 'all in' so she suggested I make some small changes and I've seen really great results. 

Martin P. 

She really knows her stuff. She gives facts and science to back up her advice. This gave me the  confidence to make the changes she recommended. 

Alistair M.

Why you might want to talk to me

  • You want to lose weight. You've tried the diets and slimming clubs and realise they don't work. Now you're ready to take a different approach.

  • You plan an active retirement and you want nutrition and lifestyle advice to ensure you can enjoy your golden years. 

  • You've got no energy to do the things you want to do. It's time to find out why and take action.  

  • You feel stressed, you can't sleep and you find it hard to relax. You know you can't keep putting your life on hold. You want to live for today!

Congratulations! You've decided to make your health and wellbeing a priority.

Now you need my expert advice, fact-based information and non-stop support.

Your first consultation is absolutely free so why wait. Start living your best life now,  

What makes me different?

  • I'm qualified in both Nutrition and Coaching- unlike 95% of people who call themselves either

  • You won't find any fads or trends here. I use science to guide me, not influencers.

  • I work only with people who really want to change - I'd be wasting your money and my time otherwise

  • You will have a buddy, a cheerleader and an ally. I never expect you to work miracles alone. We do them together. 

  • You can relax knowing I never 'forbid' anything. Our relationship is built on trust and respect.

What now?

Your first chat is completely FREE.

We will explore your goals and, together, decide if I can help you achieve them. 


When you hire me as your coach, you'll be treated like the unique person you are.

We will work at your pace, towards your goals, with your likes and dislikes. (You know you can still be healthy if you hate salad and love chocolate, right?!)

But you have to take the first step.

Call me now so we can discuss how I can help you meet your goals.


Is your relationship with food on the rocks?

I know mine used to be. I spent my life denying myself foods I loved.

Now I have learned to enjoy food without guilt. I've discovered which foods serve my body and which don't. I've stopped feeling guilty and labelling food as 'good' or 'bad'.

And guess what? I'm still the same size!


So how about you? Let me guess. You've tried the diets and the slimming clubs. They work for a few weeks but soon the old bad habits creep back, and with them the pounds.

Or maybe you're getting older. You can feel the pounds piling on. It gets harder to zip up your jeans so you decide to give in and buy a bigger size. 

Perhaps you've been told you need to change your diet to save your life. 

Whatever your reason for losing weight, making yourself miserable isn't the answer.

Depriving yourself in the hope that this time it will be different is not going to change anything.


Let's change the habits that are keeping you in this loop so you can start loving food - and yourself - again!

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Stop worrying about your weight - your health is far more important! 

Is lack of sleep making you sick, sad
- and fat? 
Is your gut really healthy? Start paying attention to your poo!
The last 20 years of your life can be healthy or hellish. Your choice!