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with Michèle Duke
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A healthy lifestyle isn't about what you lose,

it's about what you gain  unknown

How I can help you

Improve Your

Gut Health

Establish Healthy Eating Habits

Reduce Stress

Sleep Better

Set & Achieve Health Goals

Improve Your Fitness 


Elinor G.

Michele keeps it really simple.

I learnt so much about how to shop and cook healthier meals.  I've lost weight and I know I can do more. She's given me the tools I need to do it by myself. 

Martin P.

Michèle's coaching helped me change the way I thought about food. I wasn't ready to go 'all in' so she suggested I make some small changes and I've seen really great results. 

Claire M.

One child with multiple allergies, one who is a really fussy eater and one who wants to live on crisps, I really needed help. Michele saved my sanity!

Meet Michèle

Certified Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

Hi there. I’m Michèle, a Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach and your guide to a healthier, happier place.


As a nutrition expert my aim is to provide fact-based, scientifically proven information to help you make better choices, together with the support to make those changes stick. 


You might want to improve your diet or lose weight,. You might need to change your lifestyle to avoid serious illness. My particular passion is helping busy, stressed parents who need help to improve the health of the whole family.

I love food and I want you to love it too. Every body, every mind, every family is different which is why I focus on helping you find your own healthy, happy place. 

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You should enjoy food and have fun. It is one of the simplest and nicest pleasures in life. Julia Child

What makes me different?


As a nutrition and lifestyle coach I look at all aspects of diet and lifestyle to support new long term healthy habits to improve your health, wellness and longevity. 

There is no shortage of people telling you how you should eat. You'll be told to cut out carbs. Eat more protein. Do a weekly fast. We're told we need to be more healthy as our supermarkets fill up with more unhealthy temptations. Food has become so complicated. No wonder we're all confused.

I believe we need to get back to basics and start enjoying healthy food again, without restrictions and guilt. My aim is to help you cut through the BS and learn to love healthy eating - without denying yourself the things you love. 

My nutrition training taught me that we all need to understand how food affects us individually, which is why I work with you to create a personalised food and lifestyle plan that is achievable and fits into your life.

And my many years of coaching have given me the skills to guide and support you to embed these habits so they become just part of who you are. 

Dinner Outside

HEALTHY HAPPY HABITS is an antidote to the influencers, the 'Goopers', the diets, the self-loathing. It's my fightback against the 'health-food' industry, and the big businesses which flourish by making us feel less than we are.  Michèle Duke

Let's get started

Deciding to live a healthier life can be a bit daunting. Where do you start? What will you need to do? Will it be too difficult?

Don't worry. I'll be with you every step of the way. Whether your goal is to become a healthier size, resolve gut or bowel issues, reduce your stress levels, exercise more, or learn to cook in a more healthy way, we're in this together. 

The first thing is for us to explore your goals and, together, decide if I can help you achieve them. Please check that your goals align with my practice boundaries here. If you're not sure just drop me an email or text and I'll let you know. 

Your journey to a more healthy lifestyle starts with our first conversation. Are you ready to create a better life for yourself? To be a healthier, happier person? Contact me now so we can started.

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The decisions you make today
determine the person you are tomorrow 
Michèle Duke

Food for Thought

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