Let's get healthy - together!

We're going to be buddies in this adventure so it might be good to set some expectations. Here are mine. When we talk we can add in your ideas too. 


1. Nothing is forbidden. Getting healthy DOES NOT mean depriving yourself. If you want to give up wine that's your choice. Just don't expect me to join you! 

2. No quick fixes. Our aim is to introduce new habits that become part of a life-long lifestyle. It is NOT to eat cabbage soup for six weeks then go cake-crazy for the next month. 

3. Keep off the scales. Becoming healthier is the goal here. You may, indeed you probably will, lose weight if you are carrying a lot of excess. But I am not your guide to a slimmer you. I am your guide to a healthier you. 

4. Have fun. Because ..., well, because it's fun ;) 

Are you in? Me too. Let's get started. 


Me and my friend Kate.

Our love of wine is legendary! 


My darling grandson just hours after his birth.

Babies are born with no bacteria in their gut but within days it is teeming with billions!

Are you ready to get excited about poo?

Yes, I know. It's not very ladylike to talk about poo and farts. My mother managed to bring up four kids without ever actually mentioning the words!

And I got through my first forty years without worrying too much about what happened in the toilet. Providing things down there worked pretty much ok I never spent any time pondering the secret of a good poo. 

I discovered my fascination with poo when I started studying nutrition and I learned how bloody marvellous our digestive system is. I read everything I could and talked to anyone who would listen. I had to curb my enthusiasm when I saw people edging towards the door! (Party pooper perhaps!)

From before we are born our gut performs a careful balancing act and provides us with everything we need to survive and thrive. 

And then we spend most of our lives filling it with stuff that really shouldn't be there - causing mental and physical health problems. 

The great thing is that just a few small changes in your diet can have an immediate and spectacular impact on your gut health - and make you feel amazing. 

Check out my blog posts on gut health. But beware. You'll soon be as fascinated as I am. 

Are your years looking good on you? 

Frailty, illness, declining mental and physical abilities - this is how we used to think about people in their 70s and beyond.


But it is no longer considered the natural or inevitable outcome of longer years. 

Numerous studies have shown that life expectancy is getting longer - and that the quality of those later years are directly impacted by lifestyle choices. 

In fact research suggests that your diet has more impact on your risk of dying than your weight.

Eating well, keeping active, relaxation and sleep all play a part in maintaining the mental and physical health as we age. 

Have you got a 'health plan' for your senior years? No? But I'll bet you've got some kind of financial plan. Is it really more important to leave a bequest for your grandchildren than to live a longer, healthier life with them?

The truth is that most of think our health is a lottery. We wait to see if we win or lose. 

But it's not true. Our health is a direct outcome of our lifestyle. 

Of course we can't all avoid the conditions that beset us as we get older, but we can certainly give our bodies the best chance. 

I will help you create a Personalised Health Plan which will set you on the path to a healthier, more vibrant you. 


Enjoying good food with friends is known to have a positive impact on mental and physical health.


A good night's sleep is a delight. 

But a cat-nap is pretty purrrfect too!

Are your nights a nightmare?

Remember when it it seemed very trendy to boast about 'getting by' on 5 hours a night? How crazy was that?


Sleep deprivation is a very real issue.


Ask any new parent. They'll tell you all about it - if they can stay awake long enough. 

Consistent loss of sleep can have severe health issues including increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, weight gain, mental health issues and much more. 

Recent research has shown that we need between seven and nine hours sleep to gain all the benefits. Are you one of the 44% who rarely get this? 

Perhaps you are among the 20% of people take about 3 hours or more to fall asleep. 

Maybe it's stress and anxiety keeping you awake. Most of have periods where sleep evades us but we shouldn't put up with for long. 


Finding ways to reduce stress and improve sleep can have a positive impact on your life. A Personalised Sleep & Stress Plan can help get you back to a more healthy level.  

Increased energy levels, improved mental ability and a more positive outlook are among the benefits you can expect. 

And being a nicer person to be around!