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Group Coaching is dynamic, powerful and can be a lot of fun. 

Research shows that group coaching can be particularly effective if you are looking to lose weight and maintain that loss. 

As part of a group, you will not only benefit form my coaching and advice, but get support and encouragement from your peers. Cooking together, sharing experiences and ideas with others who know exactly how you feel can help everybody feel more motivated. 

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Group Coaching takes place online via video conferencing. Don't worry if that's new to you, I'll make it very easy for you. 

You can choose to be an active participant or simply listen in without your video if that is more comfortable for you. 

Throughout the year there are 'courses' you can join depending on your goals, with topics covering managing stress, improving your sleep, weight loss and maintenance, improving energy levels and much more. 

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Many of the well-known slimming or nutrition businesses say they offer group coaching but actually what they typically do is join you a forum where you can chat to others. The reality is that most people start off all excited about working with others but find that the enthusiasm dries up fast and within a couple of weeks they are on their own again. 

As an experienced coach I know how important it is to keep the dialogue going and bring fresh interest to each session. I ensure we have new topics to discuss which are relevant and useful to you. And I provide group exercises to stimulate the conversation and help you bond with other members.